Jux Closing Down: Another one bites the dust

For a while, one of the blogging platforms I flirted with for my photoblogging needs was Jux. However, as I was going through the Spam folder of my email today, I stumbled across the news that Jux was closing down!

The Juxers blog has posted a short, and rather mournful post, declaring the impending demise of the site. The post has a sombre tone and brilliant design, which was one of the reason why I had loved Jux at first sight. They state the reason of closing down quite frankly:

Jux struggled to build organically on its core. The number of active monthly creators has increased a steady 8% per month, well below the 20% target. After twenty-one months, Jux is one-tenth its target size.

More surgical metrics identified weaknesses in converting visitors to socializers and getting dabblers to come back and create a second and third time. Jux has tackled these problems with moderate success.

As an indication of the necessary scale, consider a subscription model: in an optimistic scenario, 3% of active creators would pay $10 per month for Jux. This would not cover the cost of hosting.

Of course, as a web user, I understand the huge issue of hosting and paying bills and making a start up work. But when a start up that is so beautiful and intuitive to use fails, one really does start wondering what went wrong, where…

Even in their closing post, the Juxers have shown how much they are committed towards great design, and I especially love, in a heart-rending way, the post closes with an image of the Jux logo shedding a tear.

Let me just say, this was a short and torrid relationship and I enjoyed every moment of it.I wish the Juxers the best in their future endeavors.

P.S.: This kind of makes one worry about getting involved with startups that go working on investment basis. More on that in a later post, maybe.



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